Mark Bauermeister






Hiking , UI/UX Design , OS Development , Photography (Wildlife, Landscape, Architecture)


Software Development: Javascript (ES6), XUL/XBL, C, Haskell, Python 2.x/3.x, Go, C#, Rust, PHP 7

Common software skills: Office (Microsoft and Libre), Visual Studio, (neo) VIM, Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Git/SVN/Mercurial, Corel Draw


English (Native)

German (Professional)

French (Intermediate)

Chinese (Novice)


Zeppelin Gewerbeschule Konstanz

Vocational College, Information Technology

  • Applied software design
  • Systems administration

2012 - 2014

ESO Dresden

Private Business College, Economics

2008 - 2010


Software Engineer, Sto SE&CoKGaA

Led the successful transition of an existing, previously third party managed, code-base to an in-house project.

  • Code review
  • Maintenance of (as well as education in) the internal, git based source control system
  • Guidance of an internal team of testers (20+)
  • Documentation of the codebase
  • Creation of AGILE, Kanban based work processes
  • Conception of automated UI, acceptance as well as unit tests
  • Creation of a REST based API service
  • Conception of a a multiplatform based development approach
  • Migration of a Windows 8.1 Store App to Windows 10 and Android
  • Creation of several domain specific node.JS and Go based microservices supporting the overall development efforts
  • Migration of custom CRM to Salesforce Lightning.

2015 - Present

IT Systems Administrator (training), Chamber of Crafts Konstanz

Learned valuable skills in the administration of modern, GNU/Linux and Windows based, server systems

  • Managed Windows clients as well as a mixture of Windows and GNU/Linux terminal and print servers
  • Serviced company-wide PBX
  • Maintenance of custom software codebases in Haskell and C#

2012 - 2014


Interim Project Lead, Platinum Arts

Responsible for the further development of the Platinum Arts Sandbox game engine. An easy to use, multi-platform gaming engine for Windows, MacOSX, GNU/Linux and next generation gaming consoles.

  • Code review
  • Maintenance of the internal, git based source control system
  • Issue/feature request tracking
  • Community management
  • Release packaging
  • Management of the Mac OS X and GNU/Linux engine ports

2014 - 2015

Volunteer Add-on Reviewer, Mozilla (AMO)

Responsible for regular/daily quality control of submitted 3rd party addons.

  • Quality review
  • MozFest2018 contributor

2018 - 2019